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Your partner for real estate in the Jungfrau region


Rent, let, build, buy or furnish – the GriwaGroup realizes life’s dreams. Dreams come true! We were able to make our customers dreams come true hundreds of times during the past decades. Make rooms into dreams – a wonderful task!

Five companies – one family


GriwaGroup combines five independent companies, which work closely together.


GriwaArchitektur AG


GriwaArchitektur AG, as the architectural office plans and realizes new buildings as well as additions and renovations.


GriwaTreuhand AG


GriwaTreuhand AG supports you with the purchase and sale as well as the long term real estate rental. It also manages real estate and condominium associations as administrator.





GriwaRent AG


GriwaRent AG is your partner when renting as a holiday guest, or when renting your personal holiday apartment to a third party.


Wohncenter von Allmen


The latest member of the GriwaGroup, the Wohncenter von Allmen AG offers you interior design, furnishing concepts and, of course, well designed and comfortable furniture.


AlpinLifestyleHotel ASPEN


The Hotel ASPEN with its hotel rooms and suits in an alpine chic style, invites you to linger. Moreover, the hotel offers a gourmet restaurant and a wellness and spa area with herbal sauna, outside whirlpool and various massages.



It is time for a succession plan

Markus Friedli has been the CEO of the companies of the GriwaGroup for 30 years. Now he has passed on part of the management responsibilities to his employees. This interview tells why he took this step and how he feels about it. 

Interview with Markus Friedli

Markus Friedli (57), founder and longstanding CEO of the GriwaGroup decided to pass on some of the responsibility after 30 years. Photo: made available

A brief question to get started: Who is Markus Friedli?

Markus Friedli: (laughs) Markus Friedli grew up in Wynigen near Burgdorf and he has a sister. My family owns a carpenter’s shop. My first profession was also a carpenter. After successfully passing my apprenticeship I had to decide how I wanted to proceed with my career. Originally I wanted to become a teacher. That has always been my dream profession. However, I decided to do Technikum architecture and finished in 1984. I spent the following one and a half years in the military. In the meantime my brother in law took over the family business. This gave me the opportunity to gather some more practical experience in the architectural field in Grindelwald. With this experience came new development opportunities.

Five other architects asked me if I was interested in founding the GriwaPlan AG with them, and this is what happened. We literally started off with nothing and only completed a few individual projects at the beginning. It continued like this until the end of the 1980s. There were also times when I was alone on a project with just an architectural draftsman and a secretary, but when we built the chalet Diamant, other projects started to gain momentum.

In 1991 I got married. Due to the decline in construction activities at the beginning of the nineties, we decided to develop another branch of the business. At the time, there were no real estate trusts and this represented an opportunity. However, I told myself that, “if you want to get into this business, you have to educate yourself further”, and so I completed a training as a real estate trustee. This involved, among other things, 52 trips to Zürich! After this step, many other projects followed and also the founding of other companies which all generated a value chain. Starting with compilation and project planning through the GriwaPlan AG, the marketing and administration thereof through the GriwaTreuhand AG, the rental of constructed holiday apartments through the GriwaRent AG and the consulting of companies through the GriwaHotels AG as well as the GriwaConsulting AG, of which I have been the managing director for over 30 years.

What are the precise reasons for the restructuring and the succession plan? And why has this plan been implemented on 1 January 2017?

As with many things in the history of the GriwaGroup, this was also not foreseeable. One can see over the past 30 years that many things developed out of certain political and economical circumstances. However, it is clear that every succession plan needs about five to ten years to be realized. After 30 years of GriwaPlan it is time to also establish a succession plan here and look to the future. In order to make the transition for the complete group as smoothly as possible, we decided to found a holding company. In this GriwaGroup Holding AG, some of the former independent companies are integrated, and long-term employees have taken over as managing directors. Moreover, they have a seat on the board of directors and are shareholders. I myself am withdrawing somewhat from the operating business, but also hold shares in the company and am still active on the administrative boards.


(laughs) This probably has biological reasons. I am 57 years old, at some point one has to think about the future. But now we get to one of my prime sources of motivation: I have always enjoyed being a teacher. Nothing else gives me more pleasure than to work with people and to help them grow. This, I have been able to do with the now managing directors. We have a fantastic ‘know-how’ and the company has a particular culture. With us, we always focus on the people. Therefore, it is for me a great pleasure and also the next logical step to pass part of the management responsibility on to them. Operationally not much changes. For me this is great, if I can still continue to support and advise. I have no problem separating from parts of the company. After all, I am not married to my work.

This reflects the equanimity, which you display.

Yes, I have always lived according to the principle “Ora et labora”, and the rest will fall into place. As I said before: I have never been married to my work and this still applies. You know, one has to do something. And I made this. (laughs) Maybe this is the big difference. I have never made big strategies or business plans. I have always just let it grow and simply done my job. Therefore it is especially nice to pass it on like this. But don’t get me wrong: I am not indifferent to what happens. This is why we put these new structures of a holding company in place; in which the leading employees are also involved through their shareholding. The employees have, of course, the possibility to say after three years that they don’t like it and that they would prefer to do something else. Nobody is pushed into anything. However, from my point of view, they will not be overwhelmed. A cornerstone of this is, of course, the fact that the companies they have taken over are rock solid and offer a good starting position. Otherwise, I would have not passed on the companies.

But you have also made some mistakes in the last 30 years?

Yes, definitely. For example, I underestimated the difficult market environment for GriwaRent at the beginning. But I can say that I have found somebody excellent in the new managing director. She has been working here for more than three years and since January the 1st has been independently managing and leading the company exceptionally.

There have been a lot to do and to manage over the last few years. How do you recover and recharge your batteries?

I was able to keep a healthy distance throughout my working life. Sure, there were challenging times when I worked a lot. Then I was in the office six days of the week. But, for example, I rarely worked in the evenings. If I have one executive board meeting a month in the evening then this is already a lot. You just organize yourself differently to keep a healthy distance from the whole thing. This also means that some projects cannot be undertaken. And privately, I like to play tennis and spend time with our dog. I have always actively sought a balance. You have to let go sometimes. You must not always seize everything.

You said that in the past you have only realized projects in Grindelwald. Now also elsewhere?

The political and economic circumstances – for example the second home initiative – have made it necessary to rethink. Now we have to look beyond our own nose and also become active outside of Grindelwald – which we have done with good success, by the way. In order to handle this properly, and also not lose sight of Grindelwald, the new division of the companies was implemented on January 1st. I am still partly in charge of the consulting and the representative tasks, which inevitably also result in contracts for the group. The operative tasks I have now placed in the trustworthy hands of my employees.

How would you describe your role in the company after the restructuring and the succession plan?

There haven’t been any major changes. One has already seen that. The principle is quite clear: I am available for consultation, and I can always be asked. Through my role in the various administrative boards I am still involved and can participate in strategic decisions.

Do you trust your employees? Do they manage to run the companies by themselves, after you had run them as a unit for 30 years?  

I gave my employees a lot of freedom to lead their departments and to contribute their perspectives and ideas before the succession plan. This has not changed now that they are in the management of the respective companies. On the contrary, operationally everything remains the same. What has been added are the leadership tasks. However, they also enjoy my full confidence and support there. Besides: I have not completely vanished from the scene.